Q. Can I top up or recharge any mobile phones ?
A. At present, you can top up or recharge any prepaid or postpaid mobile phones of Bangladesh. We are constantly working on adding more countries. Please visit us frequently for more update.

Q. How long does it take for recharge to complete ?
A. Most of the time a recharge is completed within few seconds after submitting the order and completing the payment process. Rarely a recharge may take up to 30 mins to complete. Any longer, please contact us on admin@reloadmobile.com with your email address and destination mobile number.

Q. What happens, if I enter an incorrect mobile number ?
A. If  the incorrect mobile number you entered is a valid mobile number then that mobile number will be topped up and in that case we can not return that credit or refund you the money. Hence you must enter the correct mobile number and the number that you actually intending to top up.

If  the incorrect mobile number you entered is NOT a valid mobile number then you will receive an email stating that your top up failed and in this case you would be able to email us at admin@reloadmobile.com with the correct mobile number. We will then top up the new mobile number and send you the confirmation.

Q. What happens, if I enter an incorrect mobile type (prepaid / postpaid) ?
A. Entering an incorrect mobile type will cause the top up to fail and an email would be sent to you stating that your top up failed. You can then email at admin@relaodmobile.com with the correct mobile type so that we can process the order again.

About Reseller account:

Q. How do I get my reseller account?
A. Once you register with us you can go and login to the reseller platform. You will be able to see the all options and also able to create your own website. But you need have balance on your account to be able to do the recharge or sell it on your web site.

Q. What is the reseller url?
A. Go to http://agent.reloadmobile.com, you will be using same email and password on reseller site as well.

Q. How do I get balance on my account?
A. You will need to transfer money to our account, once we receive the money we will give you balance on your account. Please email admin@reloadmobile.com we will send you the account details for money transfer.

Q. If I transfer 100 Tk how much balance will I get?
A. Our our rate is flat, if you transfer 100 Tk we will give you 100 Tk balance on your account. No confusion simple rate for every transfer.

Q. How do receive credit card payment in my reseller website?
A. You will need to create an PayPal account (http://www.paypal.com), once you got the account created on PayPal, login to http://agent.reloadmobile.com and add your PayPal email account under “Site Config” section.

Q. What other currency I can accept payment from my customer?
A. You can set the price what ever currency you like, but you need to select PayPal payment currency one that is allowed by PayPal. Our system will calculate the amount if Shop currency and PayPal currency is different. We update the currency rate from yahoo.com every hour. You can see the example at our web site, our shop price is on USD but at checkout it convert the payment to AUD. Once your customer make the payment they will go to your PayPal account.

Q. I already have my website can i connect to your site using API?
A. Yes, you will be able to do that as well. We have web API connect to our site, we also have php class ready for you to get started.

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